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About Jamu Australia

Having an award maybe one of the bases that customers look when searching for a business that will deserve their trust and loyalty. And if an award will also be the standards for an online shopping critique to promote and praise certain business, then Jamu Australia will always be qualified. 

Jamu Australia was a clothing business for mastectomy patient. The director of this business unexpectedly interact a customer that was searching for a mastectomy swimwear. Lydia, the owner and director of the business, quickly started her own research to help her in creating a special design for mastectomy women. And after carrying full determination in providing new clothing line, Lydia was then successfully became a big provider for mastectomy swimwear in all over Australia and Europe. And because of her loyalty to these women, Lydia Leong happily receives the recognition from UK Lingerie Award in the year 2011 and 2012. 

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